Winter Qigong   (Jan 19 – March 16, 2021)

Join Sandra for a healing and restorative winter practice. This season is for slowing down, rejuvenating, and replenishing the stores of energy that will be needed for spring and summer. We work with the water element and the yin organ, the kidneys–our energy batteries and the home of peace, calm, gentleness, and will power. Energetically, the kidneys are our rechargeable batteries and the home of our original Qi (life force) or Jing (essence). Since this is the storehouse for our vitality, the kidney energy needs to remain strong and in balance for the rest of the body to function well.

The energy pathways of both the kidneys and the yang organ for winter (the bladder meridian) have a connection to the limbic (fight or flight) system in the brain. Qigong—breath work, visualization, and meditative movement—can, therefore, strongly influence body-mind connection. The acquired emotions associated with the kidneys include fear, stress, and loneliness. This is also where held or frozen shock or trauma may cause imbalance. Blocks or deficiencies may also show up as brittle bones, low back pain, knee pain, loss of will or personal power, lack of sex drive, and urinary or reproductive issues. The balancing and natural virtues of the kidneys include wisdom, self-understanding, will power, determination, calm, peace, and gentleness. Working with kidney energy can be deeply restorative, strengthening, and very peaceful all at once.

To build kidney Qi we need to find the balance between doing and being. This winter practice will support that balance.

All classes: Please arrive scent-free and dress in layers. The room will be well heated ahead of time, but windows will be cracked open for fresh Qi to circulate.

Payments: Cash, cheque, or e-transfers are accepted, but must be paid before classes begin as per Public Health guidelines. Arrangements for payment will be made once your registration is confirmed. (Please note that if classes are cancelled due to a change in Public Health Office restrictions, and the closure results in the need for student refunds, there will be a $10 administrative fee.)

Covid-19: Class size is currently limited to 8 to allow a social distance between each participant. The COVID-19 Cranberry Hall Safety Plan and the QIGONG/DAO YOGA CLASS COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN AND PROTOCOLS documents will be posted at the Hall and strictly adhered to. Prior to registering and attendance, please read the following: Winter 2021 Waiver and QIGONG/DAO YOGA CLASS COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN AND PROTOCOLS

To register: email Sandra.

Tuesday Qigong: 10 – 11:15 am (Jan 19 – Mar 16) at Cranberry Community Hall (6828 Cranberry St., Powell River)

  • Guided meditation (10 min.) / Daoist yin yoga (10 min.) / Qi self-massage (10 min.) / standing flow qigong (45 min.) (Chairs available if sitting is preferred.)
  • $160 for 9 weeks.
  • Bring a yoga mat and blanket for the first part of class, and indoor shoes and/or socks for the standing portion of the class.




10-week video link Qigong at Home series

Join Sandra to welcome Qigong into your home or yard. With pre-recorded video links you can watch any time and as many times as you wish. Videos include guided meditation, Qi yoga movements, self-acupressure instruction, and flow qigong for a total of 1.5 hours each week for 10 weeks.

The first five weeks Sandra brings participants through the five elements to restore, balance and activate the health and harmony of the entire organ and meridian network. Classes will include the classic and powerful Inner Smile Meditation as well as the Six Healing Sounds and movements to tonify and regulate the yin and yang organs. The classes are created to open, relax and restore the body and nervous system and calm the mind.

The second five weeks will focus deeper into the wood element–the energy of creativity and kindness, which is so necessary during challenging times. We work with the wood animal, the dragon, to move out anything old, stale, or stagnant, including the emotions we hold in the liver—anger, resentment, and impatience. We activate kindness and the power of clear vision and creativity.

Qigong is also a wonderfully accessible practice for those needing to calm the nervous system and release tension. We will do movements and access acupoints to help with digestion, insomnia, anxiety, immunity and more.

Start the series any time. To register email Sandra.

The payment for 10 classes (15 hours of practice not including bonus videos and links) is only $120.

For free videos of Sandra teaching and demonstrating qigong and self-acupressure, see the “about classes” page.




Qigong for Digestion workshop

When you improve digestion you improve overall health and vitality. This workshop will introduce meditation, Qi-self massage (acupressure), Dao yoga stretches, and qigong movements to move stagnant and blocked Qi, so health can flow. We will focus on the five yang organs, including the stomach, as well as the yin organs associated with digestion: the liver and spleen.



Inner Smile Meditation workshop

Join Sandra as she guides you through the complete Inner Smile meditation. Relax, enjoy, and develop a new relationship and understanding with your body, its organs and their energies. This meditation can transform held or blocked emotional energy, boost immunity, increase heart health, effectively release stress and anxiety, cultivate true peace and harmony, and nourish your body, mind and spirit. Learn how to bring this simple and powerful practice into your daily life.



Qigong for Women workshop

Join Sandra as she guides you through a meditation, Qi self-massage, and standing Qi flow movements with a specific focus for supporting women and their requirements to be healthy, balanced, and confident in their body and life. The practice will include techniques and movements for hormone balance, true energy, organ health, calm, confidence, energy protection, and joy. We will explore how we lose energy, how to cultivate it, the energy gates along the front and back energy channels, and how to use the microcosmic orbit for health, balance, and protection. Find your centre.



Qi Self-massage workshop

This workshop introduces the traditional practice of Qi self-massage to improve overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health by clearing energy blockages and stagnation from the meridians (energy pathways) and rejuvenating the body’s senses and organs. In qigong, the organs are associated with both acquired emotions and natural energies. For example, stuck or stagnant anger or frustration (emotions held in the liver) may cause blockages or depletion in one’s energy and therefore in one’s body and life. By working with this organ and emotion via the acupressure points along the liver meridian, the energy can be moved or transformed, allowing for new, fresh Qi (life-force energy) and the liver’s natural energies of kindness and creativity to flow and expand. You do not need to understand traditional Chinese medicine or even qigong to experience significant benefits.



Qigong for Stress and Anxiety workshop 

Join Sandra as she guides you through a meditation, Qi self-massage, and standing Qi flow movements for extra care of ourselves and our emotions. Learn how to calm, smooth, and move stress and anxiety. Relax into a simple daily practice that can support, soothe, and uplift the body and soul.



Home Practice Qigong workshop

For students who have been attending classes regularly and want to add a home practice to their routine this workshop is for you. Sandra will guide you through an effective routine with options to choose from to open, clear, purge, cultivate, and circulate Qi. Inviting qigong into your life on a daily basis brings tremendous rewards in the form of emotional stability, increased health, present moment experience and awareness, rejuvenation, energy, and more.