personal Qi sessions

A personal Qi session can be a wonderful option for those working through physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges or conditions, or those who want a customized a qigong/energy practice.

The personal session begins with a short interview and discussion about the client’s concerns. This one-on-one time with Sandra does not involve hands-on acupressure, but rather may include guided meditation and visualization, guided breath work, education and instruction on self-acupressure, and qigong or qi yoga movements, all customized to support the client. Sandra is a recognized member of the Natural Health Practitioners Association of Canada. The session takes place in the comfort of your own home or via Zoom. Each session lasts for approximately 60 minutes, including any handouts and/or videos, plus a follow up phone call or email to check in and/or provide additional resources if necessary. Each in-person session is $150. Before your first session please save and complete the Personal Qi Form.

A personal I-Ching session can be a wonderful option for those who are seeking inspired advice and guidance through the ancient science and oracle of the I-Ching (pronounced Eee-Jing).

The I-Ching is the “Book of Changes,” an ancient Chinese divination text containing sixty-four hexagrams. Sandra guides the client through the process of clarifying the issue or question at hand and tossing the coins to create the hexagram that will help to reveal the wisdom required. She assists in interpreting the information the synchronistic toss has offered. The client will leave the session with a drawing of their hexagram as well as highlighted points to guide their way on their current journey. Each in-person session lasts for approximately 60 minutes and is $120.


For more information or to schedule a personal I-Ching or personal Qi session email Sandra.