Fridays will now be a qigong class (not dao yoga)

After a week of hearing from people, I’ve decided Friday mornings will be a qigong class in the upcoming regular schedule, instead of a dao yoga class. The Tuesday morning qigong class is almost full, so if you can’t make it to any of the other qigong classes let me know so I can get you on the list. I’m still aiming to run the Thursday afternoon (5:30-6:45 pm) dao yoga class. If you have comments or suggestions please contact me. I will be as flexible as my own schedule and the Cran Hall availability allows as we figure out the best times and days for this growing Qi community. If you want to try out a class before signing up, there is still some space in the October 13th class (see post below).

An October Fall Qigong (by donation) class has been scheduled

The Sept. 30th class is full with a wait list, so I’ve scheduled a second class for Friday, October 13th — same time and place: Cranberry Community Hall, 10-11:30 a.m. This is another chance to try out qigong before signing up for classes, beginning in late October. Come and recognize the change of season with me. The element for fall is metal (structure and strength), and the organs are the lungs (yin) and the large intestine (yang)–both of which govern the ability to take in and to let go. We will work with meditation, Qi self-massage, some stretching, and flowing qigong movements. Inspire your season and flood your body with fresh Qi (breath and energy). I look forward to practicing with you. Please email me to reserve your spot. (Class size will be restricted and spaces are filling up quickly.)

Your chance to give qigong a try!

Fall Qigong Class

September 30, 2017, 10-11:30 am at Cranberry Hall (6828 Cranberry St.), by donation.
Join me, Sandra, for a special sample class to welcome the change of season into our body, mind, and spirit. The element for fall is metal and the corresponding organs are the lungs (the yin organ) and the large intestine (the yang organ). Following the beautiful example of the falling leaves, the fall season is a wonderful opportunity to support and encourage letting go — in our bodies and our lives — and to open up the lungs to embrace the natural virtues of integrity, strength, and courage. The class will include a short guided meditation, Qi self-massage, dao yoga stretching, and gentle standing flow qigong movements.

This is a good opportunity to try my qigong class before signing up for one of the six-weeks series beginning in October.

Please email Sandra to reserve your spot. (Class size will be restricted and spaces are filling up quickly.)