about sandra

Sandra Tonn is a certified qigong and yoga teacher and certified by the Canadian Acupressure College as a Five Elements Acupressure practitioner. 

She has more than two decades of meditation and yoga training, study, practice and teaching — certified in qigong (including dao yoga), hatha yoga, yin yoga, acupressure therapy and reiki — as well as 25 years experience as a researcher, writer and editor in the areas of natural health and spirituality. She is a recognized member of the Natural Health Practitioners Association of Canada. Qigong played a significant role in her recovery from a long-term and limiting illness.

“Qigong  and Qi massage not only helped me get my life back, it offered me a better way of life and, over time, has resulted in better health than I had before. I love this gentle yet powerful practice and I’m excited to share it with people.”

Sandra’s regular classes, workshop are in Powell River, BC, on the Upper Sunshine Coast, where she lives with her artist husband.

Comments from Sandra’s qigong and dao yoga students and her personal Qi session clients:

I could actually feel the energy move in my body in my personal Qi session with Sandra. I also loved that she gave me “homework”; telling me about the points to gently massage or press to help the corresponding organ and meridian. I’ve been doing them and I feel they are helping.”
— Eileiah

“Sandra has a generous spirit and warm heart.”
— Kathleen

“Sandra is a very accomplished and knowledgeable teacher. Since starting qigong with her I have more energy, feel more balanced and less stressed, and I’m sleeping better.”
— Julia

As an acupressure practitioner, Sandra has an intuitive and confident touch. I felt totally at ease. Sandra also showed me some self-massage I could do at home. I recommend her calming practice.
— Brenda

“These qigong classes are easy on my joints, keep me grounded, and truly help to open energy blocks. Sandra is a wonderful teacher.”
— Gina

“I love Sandra’s classes. They make me feel wonderful.”
— Sharon

“Sandra’s teaching style and one-on-one healing work is clear and brilliant, like the elements themselves.”
— Elynor

“I love the way Sandra teaches!”
— Deirdre

“Sandra helped guide us to a deep place of practice in a very short time. I particularly liked the way she connected each movement with a natural element. So powerful. Masterfully taught.”
— Maureen

“I’d forgotten how good it feels to really be in my body. I felt ten years younger after just the first class.
— Adrian

“I will never forget my introduction to qigong. It was beautiful.”
— Brenda

About Sandra’s Qi turtle logo:

In qigong, the turtle is associated with the kidneys — the home of deep peace, calm, and wisdom. Turtles are more ancient than any other vertebrate animal and known for their slow movement, sturdiness and amazing longevity. The turtle also symbolizes endurance and strength, lives in and around water (the element associated with the kidneys), and in Daoist art represents the triad of the universal, human, and earth planes — three powerful sources of Qi.

For more information, to register for classes, or to schedule a personal Qi session email Sandra.