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Free videos:

5-minute Three-Source Breathing qigong

30-minute Calming Self-acupressure and qigong

10-minute Ocean Qigong practice

8-minute Ground Qigong

8-minute Heart Tonifying Qigong

15-minute Daily Qigong practice

silent Pal Dan Gum demonstration

Each series of classes offers a focus from the Five Elements Theory…

such as a season, body organ or body system, acquired emotion or virtue. Every class results in benefits and, in addition, each class builds on the previous one to cultivate transformation to body, mind and spirit over the space of our time together. The practice of qigong includes guided meditation, Qi self-massage, work with the meridians (energy pathways), the six healing sounds, mindfulness movement, breath awareness, gentle stretching, and relaxation.


For information about the Five Elements click here.

What to wear and bring?

Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one along with a blanket. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring indoor or clean shoes for the standing portion of the qigong class (unless you are comfortable standing on the floor in bare feet).

Where are the classes/workshops being held?
Sandra teaches her regular classes and workshops in the qathet region of British Columbia, on the land of the Tla’amin Nation where she lives, and also teaches at various locations for private, specially-booked classes, workshops, and events. Regular outdoor classes (May – Oct) are held at beautiful Lindsay Park. on Cranberry Lake. Regular indoor classes and workshops (Nov – Apr) are held at the wonderful Cranberry Community Hall. The space allows for control over lighting, a small platform to better see Sandra, and the Hall also has windows that open, which is important for practicing with circulation of fresh outdoor Qi. Cran Hall, as it’s affectionately called, is located at 6828 Cranberry St. There is a small parking lot behind the hall and street parking available. Custom or other workshops and classes may be held elsewhere on occasion. Sandra also teaches private classes at the Sunshine Coast Health Centre and the Georgia Straight Women’s Clinic.


  • Heart-opening Qigong
  • Kidney Power Qigong
  • Love your Liver Qigong
  • Qi Self-massage
  • Inner Smile Meditation
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Six Healing Sounds
  • Flowing with the Seasons
  • Qigong for Women
  • Qigong for Grief
  • Qigong for Digestion
  • Qigong for Stress and Anxiety
  • Qigong for Depression
  • Wei Qi and Torus Fields Activation (for regular students only)
  • Qi Nei Tsang
  • Vagus Nerve Activation and Reset (with breath and acupressure)

Custom Classes:

Sandra can design custom classes (or a series of classes) for companies, organizations, and private, special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, life transitions and retreats.

For more information, to register for classes, or to schedule a personal session email Sandra.