Pal Dan Gum #3 and #4

#3 – Separating Heaven and Earth

Doing this movement is powerful for stimulating and harmonizing the spleen and stomach meridians. Stretching up and down in opposite directions clears the digestive system by stretching the large and small intestine meridians that run along the arms. It also opens the lower and middle (lower belly and heart center) dantians and is helpful in ensuring healthy hands and wrists. Embody the monkey by pushing qi through long, arms.

#4 – Wise Owl Looks Back

This movement relieves fatigue and strengthens energy in the five yin organs—lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, and spleen. With eyes open and looking back from side to side, the eyes are strengthened as well, which positively affects the liver meridian.  Turning the head also gently stretches the neck to move stagnation in the cervical vertebrae and stimulate circulation to the head. This is a good movement to increase physical balance, relieve dizziness and tonify the central nervous system. The kidneys also get a massage through this movement. Embody the wise owl, with only your head moving, and ability to see into the darkness of yin.


© Sandra Tonn