Pal Dan Gum (8 Silken Movements)

Ancient silk drawings show qigong practitioners moving through the exercises of Pal Dan Gum or the 8 Silken Movements (also known as “Ba Duan Jing”). The practice has been used in China and Korea for many thousands of years to develop and maintain radiant health, inside and out, by improving Qi (energy) flow through the body’s energy pathways. Physically, the practice stretches the tendons, making them as supple and resilient as silk in order to enjoy good posture, flexibility, and movement and also prevent injuries. Energetically, the movements activate and balance all of the 12 organ meridians and 8 extraordinary channels, which is why it is considered a complete qigong practice, even though it does not take long to do.

When done regularly, Pal Dan Gum is a very safe but extremely powerful practice for positively affecting the entire body. With just ten minutes a day, one may experience a decrease in symptoms, refreshment and rejuvenation, relaxation, and increase in energy and health.

Some of the many benefits that have been attributed to a regular Pal Dan Gum practice include:

  • increased and improved flow of life force energy in the body
  • improved physical and energetic balance and flexibility
  • healthy organs, including heart and lungs
  • improved digestion
  • increased flexibility of the spine, shoulders, and hips
  • increased brain health
  • improved clarity of thought
  • deeper and easier breathing
  • increased blood and energy circulation, immunity, and cardiovascular health
  • emotional clearing and balance
  • improved awareness and focus
  • promotion of longevity and radiant health
  • increase creativity and optimism
  • relaxation

All of the movements, together, offer amazing overall benefits and health.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you.


© Sandra Tonn