Shibashi forms 16 and 17

Image result for public domain i ching wheelThis week we will review movements 14 and 15 of the Shibashi practice (Punching and Flying like a Wild Goose) then learn movements 16 and 17 to complete the entire Shibashi set. We already know movement 18, the closing form in which we scoop all the Qi we’ve cultivated into the lower dantian.

16. Turning the Wheel: This movement promotes blood circulation, aids in weight loss and relieves pain and tension in the back. Since the movement is initiated from the waist, it stimulates kidney and bladder meridians and is, therefore, deeply calming and releasing, boosting energy levels in a short time. This turning also helps to purify the liver and intestines, eliminating waste and stagnation, so that vital, balance, healthy Qi can flow more freely.

17. Bouncing a Ball: This movement increases coordination, balances left and right brain, improves balance, increases strength in feet and legs, and is very helpful for insomnia and fatigue. Energetically bouncing a ball helps us to balance logic and creativity.

I’m looking forward to practicing the entire Shibashi set with you during our last three weeks of winter practice. Many of you have shared that the set is cultivating calm, peace, and flowing Qi in body, energy, and life. It is a beautiful sight for me to see you practice it and to experience all of us moving together as a qigong community.


© Sandra Tonn