Shibashi forms 8 and 9

This week we will review movements 6 and 7 of the Shibashi practice (Rowing the Boat and Holding a Ball) then learn movements 8 and 9.

  1. Carrying the Moon: This movement is perfect for this week’s new moon and Chinese New Year. It is helpful for conditions related to the spleen and stomach (earth element) and the liver and gallbladder (wood element). It is helpful, therefore, for digestion and weight loss, while boosting stamina. The spiraling of the movement increases Qi flow through the spine as well as the front and back body, which also tones the kidneys, heart and lungs. We use the image of the moon to soften and smooth our movements, while tapping into our ancient desire to understand and connect with the moon’s powerful cycles.
  1. Twisting Waist and Pushing Hands: This movement also strengthens the spleen and stomach, so is good for digestion, and also strengthens the lower back. We will use our “yi” (imagination or intention) to push from an inner strength to cultivate a strong centre and be grounded in the earth element.

In addition to our Shibashi practice, we will move our focus to the bones, which are governed by the kidneys, our winter yin organ. Since we’ve cleared away a lot of held stress over the past three weeks, we will go into a deeper cleansing with the Bone Marrow Cleanse.

I’m looking forward to practicing with you.


© Sandra Tonn