WINTER QIGONG series–deep calm and nourishment

Winter, in qigong’s Five Element Theory, is the time to recharge our energy batteries, the kidneys, and to sink down in to the silence, stillness, and deep calm this time of year allows for and encourages. The kidneys help to regulate all of the fluid in the body, including water, the blood, hormones, bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, and joint lubrication. Water, the element that resonates with winter and the kidneys, will guide and inspire us to go with the flow.

I’ve designed our winter series of qigong classes to do the following:

  1. Renew and build up energy reserves by nourishing the kidneys,
  2. Gently but powerfully transform the stress and fear that cause blocks and stagnation in the flow of our human electrical energy system.
  3. Activate and cultivate the natural, virtuous energies of the kidneys—deep peace, calm, wisdom, stillness, gentleness, vitality, determination, will power, and equanimity.

In addition to meditation, Qi self-massage, and dao yin yogic postures and movements, I’m excited to offer teachings in the wonderful Taijiquan Qigong practice of Shibashi. The Shibashi Set One practice is the most popular routine in China today and practiced around the world by more than 10 million people, including Malaysia and Indonesia where it is considered a national health exercise. The routine, which includes 18 easy movements synchronized with the breath, is truly a peaceful experience and deeply relaxing.

A regular practice of Shibashi is said, by my instructor Master Wing Cheung, to reduce mental stress and physical tension; improve conditions related to the heart, liver, lungs, and nervous system; improve high blood pressure; help to relieve physical pain (including back, shoulder, wrist, elbow, etc.); improve digestion; aid in weight loss and decrease fat around the waist; increase lung capacity; boost stamina and vitality; decrease insomnia, anxiety and headaches; aid in balancing hormones; increase mental clarity; increase spiritual energy, and much, much more.

My hope is that by the end of our 10 weeks of winter practice together you will feel deeply nourished, peaceful, rejuvenated, and also have the 18 movements of the Shibashi practice to take away with you.

I’m looking forward to practicing with you.

If you’ve not yet registered for a winter session of classes, you can see more details on the schedule page and email me to register.


© Sandra Tonn