Whether the sun is shining or not, summer is a time of yang—lots of activity and yang energy. Qigong is a perfect way to slow down a bit—to cultivate balance using the mindful movements and breathing of qigong. In summer we work with sun energy—opening up to the spark of life and radiant light that sustains our life on Earth—but we also invite in the balancing, cooling, and grounding energies and elements of water and earth.

Fire is the element of summer’s yin organ—the heart. When we work with the heart (our middle dantian/energy centre) we are in the domain of the “palace of the spirit,” where our seat of consciousness sits. With a heart-centred practice we can release and enhance the flow of joy, passion, sincerity, love, honour, and happiness.

Heart Qi is the most powerful energy we have as humans. Blocks, imbalance, excess, or deficiency in energy here may result in experiences of sadness, hastiness, or hatred, and manifest in the form of heart disease, hot flashes, anxiety, or depression.

By opening, purging, strengthening, and cultivating Qi we can significantly impact the health, balance, and harmony of our heart energy, entire body, and life.

Over the next five weeks of Sun Qigong, we will practice with the animals of the heart—the crane and elephant. We’ll move Qi along not only the heart meridian (energy pathway), but also the triple heater, pericardium, and small intestine (the yang organ for summer) meridians.

Come out to Willingdon Beach, D.A. Evans Park, or Lindsay Park to practice under the sky and beside the trees and open your heart to all the healing and soothing life force energy available to you.

To see the summer qigong drop-in class schedule, click here.

I look forward to practicing with you.


© Sandra Tonn