This week we dive even deeper into our winter/water/kidney energy and practices. The turtle is the animal for the kidneys and in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a symbol of peace. We’ll follow the peaceful turtle’s wisdom and characteristics to sink deep into stillness and deeper yet into practices for nourishment and restoration. The turtle, more ancient than any other vertebrate animal, also represents longevity and awakening to opportunities. Winter is our opportunity to go inward to embrace stillness and fill up our energy battery for a healthy and long life. We will do this through our Inner Smile Meditation, and by breathing and moving Qi into our kidneys and bones and, also this week, into our blood, which is filtered through the kidneys and carries the Qi that gives us life force.

Pebble in the Pond movement will further help to bring fresh Qi into our lower dantian/kidney area, to build our reserves before the more active seasons of spring and summer are upon us. Turtle Drinks from Deep Pools practice, a favourite of mine and one I do every morning, is a powerful qigong movement to saturate the kidneys with yin Qi and melt any stress or fear with help from the heart.

Lao Tzu said, “Too many words cause exhaustion. Better to abide in stillness.”

So, I’ll say no more for now, but look forward to the stillness and gentle, but powerful, energy we’ll cultivate together, with nature’s turtle as our inspiration.


© Sandra Tonn