This past week we shook up and off the stress that is often held in the kidneys, transforming it and replacing it with calm and deep peace. This week we will work with good old-fashioned fear, another of the acquired emotions we hold in the kidneys. Fear is not a “bad” emotion, and often one that brings important information to us, but when it does not move through us as we experience it, this energy may become frozen, hard or stagnant, like water when the temperature drops or something blocks its way. To be healthy and to live our best lives, we need our energy flowing, like water. Water is the element that resonates with kidneys and the season of winter. We can use it to inspire us to allow fear to flow through, and for frozen or stagnant fear to be transformed into the natural, virtuous energy of wisdom, gentleness and peace.

The bladder, the yang organ matching winter and water, is intimately related to fear. I’m sure you’ve experienced an amazing amount of bladder action—multiple trips to the washroom to urinate—when fearful or nervous. In this week’s class we will work with our fear. Shine the inner smile light on it, get to know it energetically, and invite it to flow, transform, and melt. Deep wisdom and self-understanding are the rewards of working energetically with fear, as well as the peace that letting go of fear leaves behind.

This week, in addition to the bone marrow cleansing and kidney tonifying, we will revisit the Daoist yin tonifying movement for lungs. The lungs (our fall/metal organ) are the “mother” of the kidneys. Winter is born out of fall. The lungs’ natural virtues of courage and truth can help us in our work with fear. Earth is the element that “controls” or “regulates” the kidneys (earth holds water). A new flowing movement that includes the tree stance will help us to balance the element of earth with winter’s water element.

We will also repeat much of what we did last week, integrating the movements in body, mind, and energy body, as we build on our mission to nourish and restore Qi in the kidneys and lower dantain. Now is our time to match nature’s quiet, storing, inward work. With this work we will renew and cultivate the peace and strength necessary for the seasons that follow.


© Sandra Tonn