Winter, in qigong’s Five Element Theory, is the time to recharge our energy batteries, the kidneys. I’ve designed our winter series of qigong classes to…

  1. build up our energy reserves by nourishing the kidneys,
  2. gently but effectively transform the stress and fear that cause blocks and stagnation in the kidney energy,
  3. cleanse and strengthen the bones, which are the tissues influenced by the kidney energy, and
  4. grow the natural, virtuous energy of the kidneys—deep peace, calm, wisdom, stillness, gentleness, vitality, determination, will power, and equanimity.

Go with the Flow:
The kidney meridians (energy pathways) regulate all of the fluid in the body, including water, the blood, hormones, bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, and joint lubrication. Water, the element that resonates with winter and the kidneys, will help us and inspire to go with the flow for our winter practice.

Bone Marrow Cleansing:
The kidneys are energetically connected to the body’s skeleton and its marrow, which is why we will spend time with the ancient Bone Marrow Cleansing practice, to energetically cleanse the bones of impurities and bring in fresh Qi. This deeply cleansing practice is not only helpful for increasing strength and density of the bones, but also very powerful for the immune system and any deficiencies or imbalances within it. The Bone Marrow Cleansing also generates an extremely soothing deep peace in body, mind, and spirit. It’s a truly transformative practice.

Limbic System:
Qigong work with the kidneys also influences the limbic system in the brain, which decides whether to fight, flee, or relax in any given situation or life experience. This type of work, over the course of our eight weeks together will, therefore, strongly influence body-mind connection and positively influence stress reactions and patterns.

Expect benefits and experiences in the areas of bone and joint health, hormone balance, stress release, authentic vitality and power, true peace, and deep calming rest.

I’m looking forward to practicing with you.


© Sandra Tonn