In this week’s qigong class, the last in our six-week series, we will practice with all of the elements together. Through the past five weeks we’ve moved through the elements in the order of what’s know as the control cycle, but this week we will move in tune with the seasons, using the cycle of creation.

There are many ways to move through the inner smile meditation. I always like to begin in the heart, since it is our center and the hub of the other organs and elements. We will also send smiling energy through the digestive and nervous systems.

This week we bring all of the six healing sounds together—the five organs plus the triple warmer. Doing all of the six healing sounds together powerful. When doing all the sounds together we always start with the lungs (metal element) because they are the flywheels for qi. Doing the six sounds before bed is helpful to purge the day and clear the mind and body for a deep, restful sleep. The sounds are also helpful, any time of day, for transforming depression, anxiety, and anger. In his book, The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist techniques for balancing chi (Destiny Books, 2009), Grand Master Mantak Chia says, “When the organ sounds are pronounced, the gas trapped in the organs is released and exchanged. The fresh energy releases or transforms negative emotions into more positive or life-giving energy.”

We’ve been practicing one of the Daoist Five Yin tonifying exercises each week. Now we’ll put them all together and we’ll also add the very simple, but extremely effective, Daoist Five Yang tonifying exercise, which is an excellent practice for filling the lower dantian with Qi, and also for firing up digestive power.

We will revisit some favourite qigong movements from the past five classes, such as Trembling Horse, Dragon Awakens its Spine, Swimming Dragon, and Crane Walking.

I’m amazed at how much of a foundation we’ve created, and how much Qi we’ve cultivated, in this six-week series with the elements—and all the organs, meridians, and emotions that go with them—as our guides. I am so inspired to hear from many of you how the practice is positively affecting you and your life, and I am, as always, so grateful for the power and practice of qigong.

I’m looking forward to practicing with you.


© Sandra Tonn