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Welcome to Qigong with Sandra, where you can learn about qigong and dao yoga classes, workshops, and personal qigong healing sessions.

Qi (chee) = Breath; life force; energy; air.

Gong (koong) = To cultivate; practice.

Qigong = The practice of energy cultivation over time.

A practice for the whole being, qigong is an ancient Chinese science and healing art rooted in the Daoist philosophy (following the ways of nature). The practice includes meditation, breath work, Qi self-massage, Dao yoga stretching, and flowing, standing movements — a wonderful experience of moving with the breath, visualization, and connecting with sources of energy from within and without.

Quantum physics is just beginning to understand what qigong practitioners have known and experienced for more than 4,000 years — we are and surrounded by energy. Qi is life and can change our life.

Qigong is simple, relaxing and peaceful, and at times very light and fun, but also extremely powerful and transforming. Through posture, movement, breath and intention, qigong cultivates true physical, mental and spiritual health so you can live your best life.

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